Sam Albert’s 2004 Subaru STI Featured at the Forza Racing Championship

Article originally posted on American Rally Association website here.

Seattle, Washington (August 29, 2018)

DirtFish is in the studio at the Forza Racing Championship with Sam Albert and Michelle Miller’s former competition car, their 2004 Subaru STI. Last see in ARA competition in 2017 at Muscatell Ojibwe Forests Rally and Tri-State Rally, the car will be featured several times during the Esports broadcast today.

The Forza Racing Championship, founded in 2016, is an Esports championship series where the best Forza Motorsport competitors duke it out for cash prizes. Currently in the middle of its second season, the championship frequently features real world vehicles during the virtual competition. The ForzaRC season is split into two series, each consisting of seven weeks of ranked events and culminating in a live playoff event in October. Today’s competition is the final day of Series 2, also known as the Showdown.

Each round of the current series of the ForzaRC is themed on an aspect of motorsports heritage. For Round 4, it’s vehicles from the 2000s. The car will be featured on the studio floor and in a prepared video segment as one of the best vehicles of the 2000s during the final day of the Showdown.

“Super pumped to have DirtFish and Forza working together on this collaboration,” said Albert. “To have the car I’ve raced for the better part of a decade featured in their broadcast is an honor and I wish the best of luck to all the competitors in the championship.”

Watch the Showdown for Round 4 of the Forza Racing Championship today, August 29, starting at Noon Pacific at Albert’s car will appear randomly throughout the broadcast, be sure to let us know when you see it.

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