Matt Kalish is a public relations specialist and social media content producer with extensive experience coordinating campaigns for national organizations and high-profile individuals.


In front of the computer or behind the camera, Matt is a full service media machine. He’s specialized in developing content for all needs: photography, videography, graphic design, social media management, and public relations are all inside his expansive wheelhouse.

Photo by Tedrick Mealy Photography
Public Relations

Matt brings unique ideas and approaches to best connect with both B2B and B2C clients.

Social Media

Matt has managed the social media accounts for top level national brands and organizations.


Matt has traveled across North America shooting racing events and industry trade shows.


Matt has experience designing Infographics, Layouts, Presentations, Logos, and Liveries.


Core Pillars

My work reflects on who I am as a person. I bring my whole heart and effort into every job and project I’m a part of. After dinner one night I codified my personal work ethic by writing it onto paper.


I was also maybe thinking about chocolate at the same time. Can’t tell, though.

Matt brings a strong sense of responsibility to every client he works with. He’s taken on all conditions; 120 degree heat, -40 cold, desert sunshine, rainforest downpours, and he’s traveled thousands of miles to get the story.

As a product of the internet age, Matt is steeped in its unique culture. He speaks genuinely with social media users and to members of online forums and Reddit because he’s already a part of them. Nobody wants to end up on /r/FellowKids.

Through his engineering background and lifetime of exposure to motorsports, Matt is well versed in the technical side of racing. His strong knowledge-base allows him to better report the facts and relate to drivers and teams.

A weekend autocrosser and general automotive enthusiast, Matt knows his cars; his petrolhead enthusiasm permeates all of his work in motorsports. That positive attitude is expressed in a high quality of work.

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