About This Project

The American Rally Association website was created in early 2018 to serve every need of US rally fans and drivers. Designed to reflect the bold nature of the newly formed series, the site features strong colors and a clean layout to counter the grittiness of the racing vehicles shown in photos.


I was approached by ARA series management in early 2018 to produce a new website for the series before the start of the 2018 racing season in April. The earlier iteration of the series website was hastily put together in late 2016 by a volunteer to coincide with the news that ARA would hold its inaugural season in 2017 and the site’s quickly constructed nature showed in its design and functionality. Over the course of a month, I custom designed an entirely new layout for ARA site, prioritizing information access for series drivers and fans. There was one hurdle though, series management had heavily invested in Wix as the intended platform for the site. That choice put limitations on my options for design and functionality and many workarounds needed to be found for incompatibility issues with intended functions I encountered along the way.


In the end, the ARA site was a fantastic learning experience for adaptation in the face of challenges and the final product was functional and visually appealing. It’s a shame that it no longer exists in the state I left it. The above examples show what it looked like in April 2019, my last full month maintaining the site and updating content before my departure from the series.


Graphic Design
American Rally Association, Stage Rally