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DETROIT LAKES, Minnesota (August 26, 2015) – FY Racing’s Brenten Kelly will be back in his Subaru this weekend at Ojibwe Forests Rally after a two event competition hiatus. The Open class driver has spent his time outside of a car focusing on his other rally job – lead producer of the FY Racing video series, Inside FY.

While his role behind the camera runs at a slower pace than a competition day behind the wheel, Kelly says he is growing as a rally driver either way.

“It gives me the opportunity to stay and hang out in service and learn from Adam [Yeoman] and David [Sterckx], which is a big benefit for me,” said Kelly.

“Whenever they come in, I’m interviewing and asking them questions – I’m learning the entire time.”

Initially Kelly only planned on competing in the first and last two events of the year, but his strong performance in the 989 Subaru STI prompted FY Racing to bring him to two additional events: Oregon Trail Rally and Olympus Rally.

Kelly wore his producer hat to the New England Forest Rally last month; splitting his time between filming in the paddock and editing videos in his hotel room.

He says he believes his work in rally media serves an important purpose.

“If we can promote the sport in every way, even when we aren’t racing, that’s awesome for all of us”

As is typical, he’s preparing for a busy weekend in Minnesota. Although he competes under the FY Racing banner, Kelly prefers to work on his car himself. He prepares his own vehicle before each rally and is constantly at work making setup adjustments up until the time that he sets off on the first stage.

He says he hopes that his time watching and studying the FY team from the sidelines will make him even faster than he was before. Says Kelly: “That’s kind of the end goal, to learn as fast as I can to get as fast as I can.”

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Photo: Matt Kalish – Rally America